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Interested in trying figure skating for the first time? Would you like to get more level 4's with +3's? Interested in competitive ice dancing at the international and world level? If you are located in the Netherlands and answered yes to at least one of these questions, find out more!

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Ashley Foy

About Ashley Foy Tervoort

An experienced ice dance and freestyle coach originally from the US, Foy Tervoort has coached US national medalists, international medalists/competitors and world competitors. Her own accomplishments include winning a German national title, competing at the World Junior Figure Skating Championships and 2 regional titles in the US. She has maintained the highest coaching credentials within US Figure Skating and the Professional Skater's Association since 2009 and has attended several professional skating seminars. Her own coaches included (but were not limited to) Tatiana Tarasova, Nikolai Morozov, Paola Mezzadri, Galina Zmievskaya, Evgeny Platov and Mathew Gates. She has received technical specialist training in ice dancing from Germany and the US Figure Skating Association, and is working toward earning a singles skating TS certificate in the Netherlands through practical experience on panels.

Ice Dance &
Skating Skills Seminar

Featuring World and Olympic Ice Dance
Coaches Mathew Gates and Stefano Caruso

Kunstijsbaan De Westfries Hoorn
June 11 & 12 2016

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity! Join top ice dance coaches Mathew Gates and Stefano Caruso, as well as world ice dance coach/International Skating Academy of the Netherlands' program director Ashley Foy Tervoort and ISU Ice Dance Technical Specialist/former Dutch Ice Dance Champion Marie-Louise Gijtenbeek for a fun, productive ice dance weekend seminar in Hoorn June 11 & 12! Saturday will focus on edge quality, strengthening your MIF, the foundation of ice dance and ballroom dance. Sunday will focus on a few key pattern dances and will include a presentation on ice dance in the Netherlands in 2016-2017. Sign up today!

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